Body Image

Body Image is the way you feel about the aesthetics or sexual attractiveness of your own body.

Whether you consciously care about your image or not society, social media and other things force some of these feelings onto us as people

When we look at magazines, commercials and other media sources at one time or another it makes us evaluate ourselves for one or more reasons

Austrain Neurologist and Psycho analyst Paul Schilder in his book ” The Image and Appearance of the Human Body in 1935 coined the phrase

In his book Paul Schilder talks about and explains body image through a scientific perspective but one specific chapter talks about Sociology of the body image and it says that the body image expands beyond the confines of the body

For example when a person has a signature accessory that looks good on them, that particular accessory becomes part of their image also their body image

People will only see what you are presenting to them and their eyes will follow the curves and lines of your image

Your personal fashion style and life choices goes hand and hand with your body image

Your body image is how we perceive our bodies visually, it’s how we feel about our physical appearance positively and negatively, it’s how we think to ourselves about our bodies, our sense of how other people view our bodies and also the level of connectedness to our bodies

Which is the one thing that every person should first understand, learn or come to terms with in order for you to develop a personal sense of style or enhance the style you already have

We make impressions on people everyday of our lives and for the most part people develop a likeness or dislike for people by sight

Because the truth is we visually introduce ourselves to others first


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